Help Peter Cook Is Heading To Africa!

Copyright exfordy

Copyright exfordy

Just a few updates:

WOW!!  It’s been nearly a year since I got this site started! Thank you if you’re reading this post!

First, no, this site is not dead.  I know it APPEARS dead because there has been no new content since, uhhh….last summer.  The original intent of the site was to get me in the kitchen and cooking well for me and my daughter.  And to that extent, the site has been a success.  I’ve also had a lot of fun with it, but it is indeed a bit of work to produce the videos as timely as I’d like.  I bought new equipment this summer that helped and filmed two shows on site in Oregon and Utah.  I WILL get those edited because they were a lot of fun with some simple, tasty recipes (and it’ll be summer again before we know it!).  I think my kitchen time is very cyclical as I’ve been at it again recently, trying two new recipes just this week that came out great; Chicken Fricassee and Chicken Paprikash.  My daughter liked them both and so did guests, so I’m doing something right. Now to video tape them!

Second, we’d taking the show to Africa!  Well, maybe not the whole show.  I don’t have any distinct plans to do some in home cooking but I’d like to.  My daughter and I and a friend will be heading to Africa for a month and stopping in Spain (the OTHER Africa) Morocco, Kenya and Tanzania.  We’ll be visiting the souks of Morocco with all their tasty variety as well as taking a classic week long camping safari through the Serengeti and other highlights.  It should be a real fun time.  While I don’t plan on doing a lot of cooking, I do plan on capturing some of the food offerings in these countries and report back here.  I’m not a super foodie like some of my friends, but I love learning about different things, so I’ll naturally be curious about what’s going in my belly.

If you want to find out more about the Africa trip and how you can gain some amazing artwork, check out the People, Places and Patterns Project (

Thanks for continuing to view this site and I hope to kick some life back into it soon!!


Hello!  It’s been a bit since I’ve posted, I know.  I haven’t given up though!!  I’m just adjusting to life a little bit.  I’m still filming episodes of Help Peter but as I’ve been traveling a lot this summer, I’ve had to go with the flow.  The good news is there will be a lot of shows after the summer from different locations, often with guest helpers.  I’ve already filmed with friends in Oregon and Utah and hope to squeeze in Chicago and Australia before the summer is out.

So please hang on!  I will have more recipes and videos in a month or two!

No Challenge This Week

You might say it’s ketchup week, or catch up week.  I’ve got three videos to edit and 2 recipes to post!  I’m a bit behind and this Thursday Sabrina and I will be heading towards Mexico!   So be looking for next week’s challenge to come from a land of sunshine and sparkling seas.

Weekly Recipe Challenge #16 – Copper River Salmon

3064891214_142474f0be I know, I know, I’m a bit behind.  I still have 3 videos to edit and last week’s recipe to post.  The good news is it’s been a good kind of busy as in finding work here and there (mainly photography, but some writing as well).  The bad news is this blog has suffered.   But not the intent!!  I still need to cook and I still am fairly clueless about creating recipes!  Thank you to my loyal followers for hanging in there with me, I appreciate it!

This week’s challenge is going to be wide open, almost.  For those not in the Pacific Northwest you might not know of the fabled Copper River Salmon.  It is an especially scrumptious salmon from the chilly waters in Alaska that has a really nice fat content.  Most of this fat is in the form of oils that rival other ‘ordinary’ Alaskan salmon.  Personally, it’s my favorite fish.  It rarely needs much sprucing up as the flavor is that good.

But, I need something new.  I tend to throw the fish on an alder plank and throw it in the oven until the oils come through.  I’m looking for either a new way of cooking it that preserves the wonderful flavor or a good recipe to compliment the fish.  Your recipe and credit WILL be posted, I promise!!   I’ll be cooking the fish on Thursday night and will see if I can con Sabrina into helping me film (she loves salmon as well).  The fillet I have is about 2 lbs and just begging for your magical creation!!

Weekly Recipe Challenge #15 – Chicken!

Almost DinnerIt’s time for this week’s recipe challenge!  The cupboard is a bit bare this week so this week’s challenge may be a bit more difficult.  While I have a family recipe for the cream of mushroom and chicken, appropriately name "Chicken and Saucy Stuff", I’m wondering what else is out there in the realm of chick and soup.

This week’s ingredients are:

  • Free Range Chicken Thighs
  • 1 Can Amy’s Organic Cream Of Mushroom Soup
  • Yams
  • Badger Mountain Organic Chardonnay

So what would you do with these ingredients?  Feel free to add up to two ingredients of your own and as many of the Herb & Spices listed here.  Post your answer to this week’s challenge in the comments section below.  If you’re wondering how all this works, check out this link.


Week #14’s Recipe For Chicken, Peppers, Couscous and Bacon

Dinner!! Week #14 was a blast as I traveled to American Fork, Utah to visit friends and relax a bit.  My hosts, Tambee and Russ graciously let me film a family favorite backyard BBQ.  Russ cooks to my liking, simple and no recipe.  And very tasty too!  Below is my attempt at his recipe, for the first time put down on paper….errrr…internet.  It’s easy and will be a regular for me this summer.


  • Chicken breasts
  • Red and Green Peppers
  • Couscous
  • Bacon
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Olive Oil, lots of it
  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Heat up grill on high
  2. Coat chicken breasts with olive oil.  Then salt and pepper both sides.
  3. Next use fresh herbs to taste.  In this case we used rosemary, chives and thyme.
  4. Place on grill for just a bit on high.  Turn heat to medium.
  5. Cut up peppers into halves and coat with olive oil and salt/pepper.
  6. Bring water to boil in pot for couscous (or cook to instructions)
  7. Flip over chicken before it gets burnt.
  8. After water boils, shut off and add in couscous and cover. It’ll be ready in a bit.
  9. Add peppers to grill.
  10. Flip peppers.
  11. Add bacon, chives and any other likings to couscous.  It’s done.
  12. Remove Chicken and Peppers from grill before they burn.

I know, it sounds too easy and the video will go into more instruction.  It’s easy and tastes wonderful!  Video coming soon.

Week #14’s Challenge – On The Road, Again!


Week #14’s challenge will be shot on the road, this time in beautiful Utah!  I’ll be arriving in American Fork Thursday and once again staying with friends, invading their kitchen and taking over the stove in order to render a lovely meal for all five of us.  My friend Tambee will be selecting the ingredients and recipe so look for the video soon!

Week #13’s Recipe

I have to admit to skipping a week. :(  I know, but it happens!  I ended up cooking the hailbut wiht a bit of Old Bay seasoning and a light salt rub just to get something on the table before the hungry monsters showed up.  Not enough time to get it on tape.  But just wait for this week’s show!!

Week #13’s Recipe Challenge…..It May Look Familiar

I admit it.  I didn’t do much cooking last week.  And I surely didn’t come up with a recipe for the halibut that I listed.  It was just one of those super busy weeks so I’m letting that be that.

And I’m recycling!!  This week’s challenge may look a little familiar.  The ingredients are:

  • Halibut
  • Rice
  • Artichokes
  • Carrots

If you haven’t played along before, check out How This Works above. Basically, post a recipe here or on your site and let us know about it!  I’ll then cook up the meal and give it a whirl!

Klean Kanteen Wine Karafe

I know, I know, this isn’t exactly about helping me cook.  But wine is often a part of my meals and as such, it’s relevant.  Sorta.

winetransportI first saw this product listed on Go Green Travel Green’s excellent write-up about Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles.  Before you read any further, check out their review which lists more than just the wine carafe noted here.

What caught my eye was quite simply the word "wine".  I admit, after looking into it the Klean Kanteen Karafe (they’re Krafty with names, aren’t they?) is nothing more than their standard 27oz water bottle.  Doing the math, or just reading the label, shows that 27oz=800ml for those of us in the USA.  And 800ml is just over the 750ml of a standard wine bottle!

No more worries abut broken glass on hikes!  Yes, that’s my biggest plus for this already existing, but newly exciting product.  I also figure I can use it the next morning filled with water taken from a stream and sterilized with the Steripen, so right there it’s WAY better than lugging back an empty wine bottle.  Plus you can throw on the Loop Cap to make carrying it much easier than carrying a wine bottle.

But wait!  There’s more!  It comes in either a merlot color (ostensibly for red wine) and the standard unpainted stainless steel (great for white wine).  And now the for the big kicker, the best improvement in the wine carafe industry in probably over 1000 years, or more: The bottle has a language decoder on the back listing the printed word for wine in English, Chinese, Finnish, Tahitian, Arabic, Luxemburgish (I kid you not), Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian.  Why French is not listed, I’m not sure.

Some other features:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA and toxin free
  • no inner lining
  • shatterproof, durable & lightweight
  • never retains or leaches flavors

The Klean Kanteen Karafe may be a bit of a gimmicky update to an already existing water bottle, but you have to give them credit on the coolness of it.  Heck, I’ll probably buy one.  Opss! Just did!